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Mutoh ValueCut Series

Mutoh ValueCut Series

The Mutoh ValueCut 600 (24″), ValueCut 1300 (52″) and ValueCut 1800 (72″) are stand-alone cutting plotters for kiss-cutting lettering, contour cutting stickers and cut-through for sign applications.  Ideal applications are:

  • Signage
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Labels and vinyl stickers
  • Point of purchase
  • Packaging
  • Bumper stickers
  • Safety signs
  • Promo stickers

ValueCut 600, ValueCut 1300, ValueCut 1800


Seal Trimmers and Cutters




Seal Easy Trim

The Seal Easy Tim is a highly advanced rotary cutter. Its unique design features make this manual cutter the perfect accompaniment to a busy imaging and/or finishing business. The Easy Trim is capable of cutting materials ranging from thin tissue through to heavy cardboard and plastics in any width. With its own stand and waste catcher, this machine represents one of the most attractive, value for money, full solution cutters available.

  • Anodised alumium stay clean base
  • Free standing design with waste catcher
  • No overhead guides to obstruct the cut line
  • Smooth operation
  • Twin tunsgten steel cutting wheels for improved performance and long life
  • Two clamp rollers for increased grip
  • Strong base and edge rules for accurate cutting
  • Wide entry clamp for easy handling of both large and curled roll materials
  • Unique sub-surface monorail low friction bearing system
  • Open ended design to facilitate work longer than 1524 mm
  • Self-honing cutting blade

Width: 1790mm (70.5”)

Depth: 435mm (17”)

Seal MultiCut

The SEAL Multicut is a versatile wall mounted board cutter. Designed to meet the requirements of a busy production house, this manual cutter can cope with a wide range of substrates up to a maximum thickness of 13mm and will handle materials to a maximum length of 1600mm.The SEAL Multicut has a rotating cutting head with three blades; a standard cutting blade, a glass cutter and a scoring blade. The cutting head is designed to make blade changes extremely quick and easy. The effective clamping system will hold even the thickest substrate at the desired angle for cutting and the clear rule along the cutting line aids alignment.Operating in a vertical plane the SEAL Multicut is designed to deliver square, accurate results making the maximum effective use of available space.This multi-purpose cutter represents a valuable addition to any graphics orientated business. It will increase productivity, reduce wastage and errors whilst remaining easy to use and extremely versatile.

Ease of use

  • Simple manual operation
  • Smooth sliding cutting head
  • Work can be clamped at any angle
  • Quick change cutting head
  • Clear rule along cutting line for ease of alignment
  • Graduated rule along base for accurate positioning

Optimum Performance

  • Robust wall mounted design
  • Super-grip clamp for accurate cutting
  • Rotating cutting head with three cutting blades
  • Maximum substrate thickness: 13mm
  • Maximum cut length: 1600mm

Width: 2130mm (84″)

Depth: 2440 mm (96″)