UV Ink Printers

UV-Curable, pigmented inks available in cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan and light magenta are designed for reliable jetting, low maintenance, long printhead life, low cost of operation and long term outdoor display life — 2 to 7 years depending on application. SolaChrome-UV inks print directly on just about any substrate. The main advantages to a UV curing system is that as soon as the inks are cured they are totally dry and it can print onto wide ranging substrates.

mimaki-logo Mimaki UV Flatbed Printers

Mimaki JFX 1631/1615 plus Flatbed large format printer

Mimaki JFX 1631/1615 plus UV Flatbed Large Format Solvent Printers

Mimaki JFX 1631 1615 UV Flatbedjfx-1615


Experience the great benefits of UV LED printing combined with a dramatic increase in productivity.

Precision flatbed LED UV printer with white and clear ink, 23.6m2 / hr maximum speed and 5cm material thickness.

Stunning, multi award winning, ‘all in one’ machine sporting high end features across the range, delivered with a comprehensive Gold warranty, full set of 8 inks, take-up unit and powerful software bundle including PostScript RIP, cutting software and design creation package.

Always striving for the best, Mimaki has achieved significant productivity enhancements for its flatbed UV LED printer series JFX with up to 80 % higher speeds. The new JFX plus series features a standard post-curing unit that enables printing of up to 23.6 sqm/h. This is nearly twice as fast as previous models. A roll unit has been developed to boost efficiency and productivity when printing on roll fed substrates. In addition, Mimaki’s IMS* technology ensures the highest image quality exceeding your customers’ expectations. * IMS=Intelligent Microstepping System

High Speed

As standard, JFX plus series is now equipped with a post-curing unit that cures the print after its first exposure by UV LEDs thus enabling nearly double the print speed as previous models. Print service providers can now cater to their clients’ needs for fast turnarounds, quick changes and short run orders while at the same time increasing productivity and efficiency.

Product Highlights

  • Post cure unit as standard – cures the print at its first exposure with UV LEDs enabling nearly double the previous maximum speed to be achieved
  • IMS head positioning – uses high resolution linear scale for fine step accuracy of dot placement. This enables 3 point text to be reproduced.
  • 1200 x 1200dpi resolution – along with variable dot ensures an ultra high quality of print
  • Choce of UV inks – choose the most suitable for your application with either hard or flexible UV inks. 
  • White and clear inks – increase your creative potential with white ink (for under or over printing) and clear varnish to enhance your prints.
  • Optional roll unit – print to roll fed or rigid material on the same machine
  • Environmentally friendly printing – almost no VOCs are generated by UV cure printing. Mimaki’s LEDs also consume minimal electricity and last for up to 10,000 hours.


JFX-1631plus JFX-1615plus
Head On-demand Piezo head
Print resolution 300 × 600 dpi, 450 × 600 dpi, 600 × 600 dpi, 600 × 1200 dpi,1200 × 1200 dpi
Ink Type LH-100 hard UV ink (C/M/Y/K/W/CL)
LF-200 flexible UV ink (C/M/Y/K/W)
Capacity 600 ml ink pack
Maximum print width (W) × (D) 1,602 × 3,100 mm (63.1 × 122 “) 1,602 × 1,500 mm (63.1 × 59.1 “)
With post-curing unit 1,602 × 2,700 mm (63.1 × 106.3 “) 1,602 × 1,100 mm (63.1 × 43.3 “)
Print accuracy Absolute accuracy ± 0.3 mm (0.01 “) or ± 0.3% from specified print distance
Repeatability ± 0.2 mm (0.01 “) or ± 0.1% from specified print distance
Perpendicularity ± 0.5 mm / 500 mm (0.02 / 19.7 “)
Usable media Size (W×D) 1,644 × 3,194 mm (64.7 × 125.7 “) 1,644 × 1,594 mm (64.7 × 62.8 “)
Thickness Max. 50 mm (2 “)
Weight Less than 50 kg (110.2 lbs.) (when the media is loaded evenly)
Media table Air suction by vacuum
Vacuum area Vertically divided into 4 zones Vertically divided into 2 zones
UV unit Equipped with UV Light Emitting Diodes
Lifetime *1 About 10,000 hours
Post-curing unit UV unit Equipped with fluorescent UV tube lamp *2
Lifetime *1 About 1,000 hours *3
Power specifications 1-phase : AC 200 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, (power from main unit)
Power consumption Less than 400 VA
Dimensions / Weight (W) × (D) × (H) 1,980 mm × 185 mm × 300 mm / 13 kg (78 × 7.3 × 11.8 ” / 28.7 lbs.)
Interface USB 2.0
Applicable standard VCCI class A, CE Marking, CB Report, UL, RoHS Directive
Power specifications AC 200 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Less than 2.0 kVA
Operational environment Temperature 15 – 30 °C (59 – 86 °F)
Humidity 35 – 65 %Rh
Temperature accuracy 18 – 25 °C (64.4 – 77 °F)
Temperature gradient Less than ± 10 °C/h (18 °F)
Dust Equivalent to normal office level
Dimensions (W) × (D) × (H) 4,200 × 4,300 × 1,600 mm (165.4 × 169.3 × 63 “) 4,200 × 2,620 × 1,600 mm (165.4 × 103.1 × 63 “)
Weight 1,613 kg (3,556 lbs.) 1,313 kg (2,894.6 lbs.)
*1 Reference value. There is no guarantee as to the lifetime. *2 Post-curing unit is equipped with 3 fluorescent UV tube lamps in one set. *3 After about 1,000 hours of usage illumination level declines by about 20%.

Mimaki JFX-1615/1631 plus Product Brochure

Mimaki UJV 160 UV Flatbed and Roll to Roll Printer

Mimaki UJV-160 UV Flatbed and Roll to Roll Large Format UV Printers



How about this for an offer, with immediate effect, the Mimaki UJV 160 LED UV Printer (including RasterLink Pro RIP software, a one year, fully comprehensive warranty and front & rear folding tables) will be available from Print Technologies at £35,995.00 + VAT. This price will also include 6x or 8x 600cc ink sacks (dependent upon how you wish to configure the printer) and the appropiate number of eco-cases.

The industry proven, award winning Mimaki UJV-160 now offers an even better value / performance ratio, and its combination of a high quality of creative output, excellent green credentials and low running costs ensure it remains at the top of its class in a competitive marketplace.

Additionally, for customers wishing to take advantage of the printer for purely roll fed work, a new option, the Mimaki UJV-160RR, will be available as above but without the tables for just £30,995.00 + VAT. This is ideal for markets such as commercial wallcoverings, vehicle graphics and roll-fed signage.

Call 01252 624411 or send an email, don’t miss this excellent deal!

Mimaki UJV 160



Mimaki UJF-3042FX

Mimaki UJF-3042FX

Versatile and productive small format LED UV printer with myriad applications and capabilities and featuring unique jettable primer, white and clear inks.

The recently launched Mimaki UJF-3042FX is suitable for commercial printers, promotional products companies and signmakers – as well as manufacturing setups – for producing photo quality print onto practically any product. Perfect for branding up and imprinting items, its low energy consumption and durable print mean it delivers the highest quality output in a fraction of the time to a traditional pad or screen print.

With no limit to minimum run lengths and the ability to handle variable data, short – and highly profitable production become a reality.

Mimaki UJF-3042FX
Print area 300 x 420 x 50mm
Inks CMYKcmW + Clear + Primer
LED UV Hard inks 20x20-tick
Production Speed (complete bed) 720×600, 4pass: 2′ 30″ 720×900, 6pass: 4′ 00″ 1400×1200, 8pass: 8′ 00″
Warranty 1 Year, fully comprehensive
RIP software included 20x20-tick

Product Highlights

  • Innovative high quality desktop LED UV cure printer
  • New automatic primer facility – primer is applied only to areas that require it
  • Varnish for highlighting and protecting print areas
  • 50mm head height
  • Vacuum bed
  • Vivid images even on transparent media through use of white ink
  • Print to almost any material.
  • Benefits from leveraging innovative LED UV curing technologies –
  1. Ultra low power consumption
  2. Print to heat sensitive media
  3. Instant on/off lamp switching
  • Perfect for promotional goods, industrial products, giftware, personalised items, photographic work, membrane panels and more.
  • Mimaki Raster Link Pro 5 RIP software included


Mimaki UJF-6042


Building on the success of the UJF-3042 series, the Mimaki UJF-6042 offers all the benefits of the smaller UJF-3042 in a larger A2 format version with even greater versatility and spectacular photo-quality print reproduction onto an almost limitless range of materials, objects and substrates. UJF-6042, with its larger print area opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the end-user in the higher volume production market, where even higher quality is demanded.

  • Outstanding print quality of up to 1800 x 1800 dpi
  • A2 size flatbed for a wider range of media
  • Direct printing on subtrates up to 150 mm thick
  • Energy saving eco-friendly LED UV curing
  • Multiple ink options, including white ink, clear varnish, and inkjet primer
  • Variable data and imprint capabilities
  • Special applications, e.g. 3D lenticular and unique textures on metals

Mimaki UJV-160


With unlimited applications, UJV-160 provides an optimal solution to a variety of printing needs.

From acrylic board, aluminum composite board, corrugated cardboard, pasteboard, PVC, synthetic paper to PET, print on the broadest range of substrates with just one single printer. UJV-160 employing UV LED curing technology offers highest productivity and expands your business opportunities.

No drying time, no media deformation

The new UV LED curing technology does not emit infrared rays thus enabling print on heat sensitive materials. UV LED curing with UV inks means instantaneous drying that eliminates post-printing drying time. This innovation leads to dramatic reduction of job turnaround time (from printing to processing) and increase in productivity.

ECO-friendly UV LED curing technology

UV LEDs have a longer lifetime and save about 50 % in energy in comparison with conventional UV printers employing halide lamps. Another environmental friendly aspect of UV LED technology is the fact that it does not emit short wave ultraviolet rays which generate ozone.

Compatible with rigid media up to 10mm thickness and 12kg

UJV-160 prints not only on roll media but also on rigid media. Equipped with a feed and delivery table, it enables direct printing on rigid media up to 10 mm thickness and 12 kg. Compactly designed, the table can be folded when not needed thus allowing for a smooth changeover between roll and rigid media.

*Print accuracy may vary depending on types and coating of media. Please test the media beforehand.

Vivid image with white ink overlay print

White ink overlay print enables brighter and far more vivid images on both transparent and colored substrates.

Mimaki UJV-160RR



Precision roll-to-roll LED UV printer with white ink and 8 – 10m2 / hr production speed.

Stunning, multi award winning, ‘all in one’ machine sporting high end features across the range, delivered with a comprehensive Gold warranty, full set of 8 inks, take-up unit  and powerful software bundle including Mimaki RasterLink Pro PostScript RIP.

  • Innovative LED UV curing inkjet printer for roll fed media.
  • No drying times – the printed media is dried immediately after it is output.
  • No media deformation – UV LED does not create high temperatures, thus reducing the potential for heat sensitive media to deform.
  • Flexible UV inks stretch thus inhibiting ink cracking.
  • UV LED technology provides the most environmentally sound solution for large format printing and is ECO compliant.
  • 1.6m print width, powered take up unit included.

Mimaki UJF-706


The UJF-706 is an innovative solution for printing companies and manufacturers requiring on-demand, short run production, and variable data printing. The UJF-706 prints on a wide range of objects and media up to 15 cm thickness. With the optional roll unit, the UV curing inkjet printer can also print on roll-to-roll substrates and thin flexible packaging films.

  • Direct printing on substrates up to 15 cm thickness
  • Outstanding print quality and reliability
  • Variable data printing and imprint capabilities
  • Simultaneous printing of colour and white
  • White ink and clear varnish
  • Optional roll unit for printing on roll-to-roll substrates

Mimaki JFX500-2131


The new JFX500-2131 from Mimaki smashes all established records for a grand format flatbed UV LED printer, with production speeds of up to 60sqm/h, delivering unbelievably high quality, right down to 2 point text on a massive 210 x 310 cm print area.

The Mimaki JFX500-2131 delivers •••

  • Amazing print speeds up to 60sqm/h with CMYK and 45sqm/h with white ink printing
  • Maximum print size of 2.1 x 3.1 m
  • Intelligent Microstepping System (IMS) for accurate prints, even 2pt characters can be legibly printed
  • Variable dot printing with a minimum size of 4 picolitre
  • Mimaki Advance Pass System reduces bandings
  • Mimaki Circulation Technology prevents pigment sedimentation of white ink
  • Reliable nozzle recovery function
  • Vacuum unit and high performance Rasterlink RIP software included as standard