About Us

With over 12 years experience supplying and installing the very latest Digital Large Format Printing Systems.

We are very proud to be partnered with industry leaders, Epson, Canon, Mimaki, Seiko, Hewlett Packard, Seal and Kala.

Combined with the RIP solutions from the Onyx PosterShop Corporation, Caldera and Colorgate. Offering you quality digital colour at highly competitive prices.

Print Technologies test and use every piece of hardware and software before launch. Giving you the confidence that if ‘Print Technologies use it’ you know it will work for you. With our expert software IT staff to back you up.

Print Technologies only work on a narrow channel of printers and software solutions. Becoming expert at making these products perform together.

To arrange a demonstration or for further information contact us on 01252 624 411.

For technical support please contact us on 01252 624 411.